Seattle Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Drug crimes frequently make news headlines throughout the state of Washington. When it comes to the actual people involved, there is frequently more to the story than is readily apparent. These issues can transform lives, and usually not for the better. Often, people don't realize what is involved with a drug investigation, charge or arrest.

I am criminal defense attorney Eric Fong. From my Port Orchard legal practice, Fong Law, I represent clients in Seattle and other regions of Washington who have been charged with drug crimes.

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How I Defend You Against Drug Charges

As a society, we can sometimes be overreaching. The "war on drugs" has created more severe penalties that can include mandatory sentences for drug convictions. Our prisons hold individuals who face charges on small amounts of drugs. Protect your best interests and work with a skilled lawyer from the start. I will aggressively fight for the rights of a client wrongly accused. For a client who acknowledges guilt, I will diligently pursue a fair and just penalty in view of the situation. With my trial lawyer background, I provide skilled representation for clients with drug legal issues, including:

  • Possession
  • Delivery
  • Manufacturing
  • Paraphernalia offenses

As an accomplished attorney, I am confident in my ability to handle both misdemeanor and felony drug charges. Let my proficient representation in criminal law work for you.

Tacoma Drug Possession Attorney

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, accused of a drug violation or are under investigation for a drug issue, contact me without delay. Call me or send an e-mail to arrange a confidential consultation, for which there is no charge. From the start, I value communication and access. I have phone service available 24/7. As a responsive lawyer, I am fully aware of the busy schedules my clients have.