Criminal Defense Overview

The criminal justice system takes a cookie-cutter approach to treating the accused, and it is not with an eye toward rehabilitation or even the remotest possibility that law enforcement got it wrong. Whether you are an innocent person charged with a crime you did not commit, or you broke the law and want to accept responsibility for your actions, you need a strong lawyer on your side.

I am Eric Fong, a criminal defense attorney with proven trial skills. I can help you respond to the charges you face and vigorously defend your rights until your case is resolved. Give me a call today at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203 to discuss your specific case. My office is in Port Orchard, and I serve clients throughout the Seattle area.

What Have You Been Charged With?

Of course, the steps I take to defend you will depend on what exactly you have been charged with. I provide strong, effective defense against a wide range of charges, including:

  • Drug crimes — Marijuana for recreational use is now legal in Washington. But the "war on drugs" is far from over, and there are still many types of drug charges that can ensnare you. I have the experience and the litigation skills to defend you aggressively.
  • DUI/DWI — Anyone can have one or two drinks and end up facing drunk driving charges. I will work actively to minimize the consequences in your case. I am well versed in the technicalities of DUI defense, thereby assuring that your defense is based on the most up to date understandings of the science behind the breath test and the vast array of technicalities that the government must abide by to obtain a conviction.
  • Federal crimes — When you face federal charges, it is important to have a defense lawyer who knows the federal system as well as the state justice system. Dealing with US Attorneys and federal judges is an entirely different beast than in State court. Because I was a public defender in federal court, I have this knowledge and can take the steps needed to represent you effectively.
  • Juvenile charges — The juvenile system is very different from the adult system. If your child is facing juvenile charges, I can guide you toward a resolution in which your rights are respected and protected.

Take Action For A Strong Defense Against The Charges

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