Representing Clients Charge With Federal Crimes And Felonies

Clients readily acknowledge that it is a frightening experience to be arrested, charged or investigated for a federal offense or a felony charge. With legal issues this serious, quality representation by an accomplished attorney is warranted.

Due to my experience as a public defender, at the federal, state and appellate levels, very few lawyers have the breadth of knowledge, experience and skill as me. At my law practice, Fong Law, I use a knowledgeable, but empathetic, approach to defend clients in the Seattle area and throughout Washington. My experience in representing clients facing felony charges ranges from drug offenses to white collar crimes, to strike offenses, to sex abuse charges, to murder.

To discuss your specific case, call me at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203.

What Have You Been Charged With?

A felony charge often includes issues with controlled substances or crimes that go beyond state borders. As an experienced trial lawyer, I am licensed to practice law in federal court and the U.S. Supreme Court. I provide skilled criminal defense against a broad range of charges, including:

  • Felony assault
  • Felony drug charges
  • Felony DUI
  • Felony harassment
  • Homicide
  • Theft: auto theft, embezzlement, fraud and identity theft, residential burglary or robbery
  • Unlawful imprisonment

No matter how serious the felony charge or how challenging the case becomes, I am committed to achieving justice. My representation is fierce for the pursuit of justice for the wrongly accused and equally resolute in protecting the rights of those guilty of breaking the law and owning up to mistakes. In any case, federal crimes are very serious matters that my zealous representation can help resolve.

Get Help From An Experienced Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a felony charge, contact me without delay. From the start of each case until its final completion, I value open communication and easy access. I have phone service available 24/7. Please call me or send an email to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case.