Obtaining Compensation For Serious Brain And Spinal Injuries

Do not feel bad about asking to have your medical bills covered. I will make sure the right person is held responsible for your injuries. It is important to handle these cases correctly from the start or you could fail to recover anything at all. Taking a look at both your immediate and long-term concerns, I will make sure you are covered for your brain or spinal injury.

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Be Aware Of Signs Of Brain Or Spinal Cord Injuries

The ripple effect from losing even a small amount of brain function can be overwhelming. People who suffer brain injuries suffer a wide range of side effects, from loss of concentration to lack of sex drive. The list of symptoms reads like a horror movie, threatening our spirituality and uniqueness. What is worse is that many brain injuries are often misdiagnosed or missed completely at first. It could take months or years for the full impact of a brain injury to reveal itself.

Your spine carries your weight, it allows you to move the way you do, and it gives you agility. It transmits signals, feelings and commands from the brain. It carries and protects your nerves. Much like brain injuries, spinal cord injuries are not always easy to detect, but can be serious. Your X-rays could come up negative, but six months later, you could still be experiencing chronic pain, tingling in the hands or feet, etc.

Confronting The Insurance Company

It is a sure bet that the insurance company will say you are making up the complaints to get money if your injuries are not seen on a "bionic eye." It will accuse you of money grabbing and perpetrating a frivolous lawsuit if you do not seek medical treatment right away. If you do seek medical help right away, it will accuse you of feigning your injuries — all so that it can avoid paying for your medical treatment and other losses.

If you or someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury, closed head injury, penetrating head wound or traumatic brain injury of any type, please make sure you seek medical attention and, if warranted, legal help from an attorney experienced in personal injury cases.

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