Helping Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents Find Compensation And Justice

Motorcycles offer a fun, convenient way to commute. The Seattle climate gives bikers plenty of opportunity to ride, whether it be long distance or a short trip around town. Motorcyclists are required to carry a special license after completing a driving course tailored to operating this unique vehicle. While most riders do their best to abide by rules and travel safely, accidents still happen.

From my Port Orchard legal practice, Fong Law, I represent clients throughout Washington who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. I understand that if you are pursuing a personal injury case, you have a sincere need to pay for expenses that resulted from the accident. If you have been injured, please call me at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203 to set up a free consultation.

How Did The Crash Occur?

Motorcycle riders may have a negative reputation among those who are unfamiliar with bikers and riding. Movies often portray bikers as aggressive, fast and dangerous. This negative connotation is a misconception. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by other negligent drivers on the road and factors out of the control of motorcycle riders such as dangerous weather conditions or debris on the road.

I will take the time to investigate your case and find factors that caused your accident.

Get The Help You Need After An Accident

Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are often severe. Speed, lack of protection and the size of the other vehicles involved all create a particularly catastrophic scenario for bikers. As an experienced trial lawyer with extensive knowledge of how insurance companies try to lowball claims, I know how to craft a strategy and fight for the rights and compensation my clients deserve. I am highly selective in my case representation because I want to ensure that I am advocating for an individual who has genuinely been wronged and needs a helping hand.

If you have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident, contact my office today. As your attorney, I will fight to hold insurance companies and negligent drivers accountable for their actions and help you seek compensation so that you can focus on recovery efforts.