Taking On The Insurance Companies

All too often, insurance companies treat their policyholders as pawns, but if you have suffered a serious personal injury, this is no game. I am ready to protect your rights and make sure your insurance company lives up to its responsibilities. Taking a comprehensive look at your insurance company dispute, I will help you find solutions.

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If you believe you are being treated unfairly by an insurance company, I encourage you to contact me today. Call 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203 for a free initial consultation. I serve clients throughout the Seattle area.

What Is A Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

Insurance bad faith claims arise when insurance companies fail to offer reasonable settlements after accidents. You may believe they are on your side, especially when they come forward with an offer, but make no mistake — insurance companies are out to protect the bottom line first and their insureds second.

I represent people who have been injured in accidents, as well as people who have caused accidents and want to pay for the harm they caused, but cannot because their insurance companies close the purse strings and use their superior negotiating position to jerk people around. If you are involved in any type of insurance dispute after your accident, do not let the company take advantage of you so it can profit.

  • Plaintiffs: If your insurance company is not providing you with enough coverage to get the medical care you need, do not be afraid to take a stance. Whether you have a claim against your insurer or the third party that caused the accident, I will help you get the medical care and the money you need so you can recover.
  • Defendants: If your insurance company fails to offer a reasonable settlement at the start, against your wishes, let me know. Your dispute could have been avoided if your insurance company simply did the right thing. If you want to do the right thing, but your insurance company will not let you, I can help you do what is right.

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Fighting against insurance companies to resolve a dispute is an uphill battle, even for the most skilled attorneys. I have the experience, skill and resources to take a stand and fight for what is right. Call me or complete the online form to arrange a free initial consultation to talk about your specific situation.