Representing Those Injured During Commercial Fishing

Few on the mainland appreciate the true potential peril of the sea. Throughout Puget Sound and in Seattle, commercial fishing remains a highly dangerous occupation. Boats sail up the coast to Alaska in pursuit of a marketable catch. It is a tough job. Injuries at sea can be serious and, at times, even involve drowning and wrongful death.

I understand the possibility of serious injury a client can face on the job as a result of the line of work and even negligence of a maritime employer or fellow seaman. At Fong Law, I provide skillful representation for clients facing personal injury issues and Jones Act cases, including maritime fishing incidents. Give me a call at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203 to discuss your specific case in a free consultation. I serve clients throughout the Puget Sound area.

Standing Up To Insurance Companies

As an attorney devoted to upholding the rights of clients injured on the job, I am confident in my ability to deal with insurance companies and take on large corporations. While their resources are vast, my passion is unyielding.

My trial lawyer background enables me to go all the way to court if that is best for a client. As an accomplished personal injury lawyer, I also have the legal understanding to pursue an efficient settlement. I always fight for the rights of my clients and in the manner most advantageous for my client's cause.

How Did Your Accident Happen?

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I understand the safety hazards involved with commercial fishing. I guide clients through the legal process for maritime personal injury cases, including filing Jones Act claims that could pertain to a member or masters of a working vessel's crew. I handle a variety of commercial fishing accident cases involving:

  • Crab boats
  • Draggers
  • Factory trawlers
  • Fish processing vessels
  • Longliners
  • Midwater and bottom trawlers
  • Salmon seiners
  • Salmon trollers

Get A Strong Personal Injury Lawyer On Your Side

If you are suffering from a personal injury as a result of a maritime or admiralty accident, please give me a call or complete the online form.