Seattle Bike Accident Lawyer

Seattle has the kind of climate that leads to outdoor pursuits that are generally agreeable for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Unfortunately, these popular activities may lead to accidents that involve serious personal injury caused by the negligence of another party. From my Port Orchard, Washington, legal practice, Fong Law, I represent clients throughout the state of Washington for personal injury cases involving motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

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How Did The Crash Occur?

  • Motorcycle accidents — Often, cars are the true cause of a motorcycle accident. Such mishaps are common. I am poised to serve as your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney.
  • Pedestrian accidents — The statistics are alarming. Many pedestrian accidents actually occur in a crosswalk from a driver's failure to give the right of way.
  • Bicycle accidents — This is a bike-friendly region, with many out on the road. Despite our reputation as a bike-riding state, accidents result from drivers of vehicles acting irresponsibly. From my legal background, I know the perils a victim may endure and am a qualified Seattle-Tacoma bicycle injury attorney.

In all of these forms of personal injury, one universal theme holds true: The victims are highly vulnerable. Wrongful injuries can be very severe and even involve wrongful death. More often than not, the victim was just not seen and got caught in a bad moment. Beyond the pain and suffering, medical bills to pay for the care of injuries easily become huge amounts that insurance companies are not readily willing to pay. The paperwork alone is more than a client typically wants to deal with during this difficult time of healing.

Get The Help You Need After An Accident

As an experienced trial lawyer, I know how to formulate a case and fight for a client's rights. I am thoroughly selective in my case representation and will only take on a client's cause after careful scrutiny. I will not be a part of any frivolous lawsuit. My pursuit of justice for the wrongly harmed is genuine.

If you have suffered a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian personal injury as a result of someone else's negligence, give me a call or e-mail me right away.