When A Dangerous Product Leads To An Injury

People should always come before profits. We all know that this is not necessarily true. We all hear stories of defective products, things people buy that actually do more harm than good. From my Port Orchard, Washington, legal practice, Fong Law, I represent clients with products liability issues in Seattle and throughout the state. Using a high standard of ethical conduct, skilled legal approach and empathy for a client's unique situation, I resolve complex products liability cases in Seattle and throughout the state of Washington.

At Fong Law, I am committed to attaining justice for the wronged and injured in cases that involve products liability. As a matter of practice, I only represent viable cases and will not be associated with any frivolous lawsuits. I understand the pain and suffering a client and his or her family may have to endure. Please call me at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203 to discuss your specific case in a free consultation.

Types Of Dangerous Products: Which One Injured You?

A personal injury resulting from a defective product can take many forms and at its worst involves wrongful death.

Consumers in our modern society have a right to buy products that are safe. Sometimes, things can go very wrong in the marketplace. In the pursuit of profit or quest for speed, mass production can greatly compromise quality. Serious personal injury or even death can be a result. As a Seattle products liability attorney, I represent clients for products liability cases involving:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household goods
  • Fire damage from defective devices
  • Medical devices
  • Electric shock cases
  • Broken chair cases

As an experienced trial lawyer, I am equally confident in my ability to handle complex cases as settlements or in court. My dedication to a client's rights is genuine. I will not back down because I know how corporations that make these products can play the legal responsibility game. Big business has seemingly unending resources, but my legal representation is more unyielding.

Taking Action To Assert Your Right To Pursue Compensation

Do you have a products liability issue? Contact me if you have suffered personal injury from a defective product. Give me a call or send an email. To maintain good communication, I have phone service available 24/7.