Helping Victims Of Sex Crimes Find Justice And Peace

Coaches, teachers and other prominent adult figures are supposed to guide children, teach them and keep them safe. Sadly, these trusted adults sometimes take advantage of our children and abuse them. The impact of these cases can last a lifetime, and victims deserve advocacy, justice and compensation for their injuries — both physical and emotional.

At my law firm, Fong Law, I represent victims of sexual abuse and assault. I represent both children and adults who are victims of sex crimes and will file suit against corporations and institutions. If you are a victim of sexual assault, call me at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203. From my office in Port Orchard, Washington, I help people throughout the Seattle area and beyond.

What Your Lawyer Can Do To Stand Up For You

These cases require innate sensitivity due to the emotional trauma victims experience. I am passionate about helping victims pursue justice and work toward a healthy future. As your attorney, I will investigate the case, listen to your needs, answer your questions and fight for your rights. With years of litigation experience and proven techniques, I will not only take on abusers themselves, but also any institutions that played a role in these crimes. I can file civil suits against schools, religious organizations, youth sports organizations, camps, day care facilities, hospitals and corporations.

I strive to give my clients some closure. Most crimes of this nature are perpetrated by someone the victim is close to and knows well. That can make coming forward and speaking about these events extremely difficult. I treat my clients and their families with the dignity, sensitivity and respect they deserve.

Get An Advocate Who Cares

If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted, don't hesitate to contact my office right away. Certain statutes and limitations place time restraints on these cases, so it is important that we take action as soon as possible. Initial consultations are always free and private. As a lawyer, I have decades of experience fighting for abuse survivors and will continue to do so.