Why Trial Experience Is The Difference

As a Seattle trial attorney passionate about the pursuit of justice and doing what is right, I want the most for my clients. My goal is to ensure that justice is achieved. In all legal matters, I am committed in my search for the truth. I provide representation to clients with trial cases in Seattle and throughout Washington.

My background as a public defender in Kitsap County in Washington empowers me to take even the most complex case to trial and never back down in my fight to uphold my clients' rights. Since 1996, I have practiced law with a twofold approach that combines sincere client empathy with assertive representation every step of the way. My trial preparation includes the right balance of planning, analysis and strategy to uphold my clients' rights.

Every case I represent undergoes stringent scrutiny to ensure that the matter will hold up in court and never be considered a frivolous lawsuit. I am selective in the cases that I handle. Over the years, I have established an accomplished reputation in the legal community and am confident in my ability to provide skilled representation for even the most complicated personal injury or criminal law case.

Tacoma Jury Trial Attorney

I believe in the judgment of a jury as a check on government and corporate power that relies on the participation of the common individual, our peers. Trial cases are the ultimate safety check of our democratic ideal and purpose. My experience in Washington litigation includes work on a variety of both civil and criminal cases.

The selection of a trial lawyer is an important decision. When a legal issue requires an experienced trial lawyer, contact me at Fong Law. Please call me at 360-329-4869 or 866-504-2203 or send an email to schedule a free initial consultation and case review to discuss your situation and options.