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How is physician burnout linked to medical errors?

While many Washington residents may think medical errors are the result of medical professionals making errors in diagnoses or performing surgeries on the wrong site, there is another, less addressed factor that also contributes to mistakes-physician burnout. Physician burnout can be categorized by cynicism and exhaustion and is linked to mistakes in the medical field, even though the exact relationship between errors, burnout and safety practices is unknown.

A cross-sectional study that surveyed more than 6000 physicians across the country found that individual physician burnout and work unit safety grades were related to medical errors. Safety grades give a brief reflection of the practices intended to reduce errors within a work unit. More medical errors were reported in areas where there was high burnout and low safety grades. In fact, even after adjusting for gender, age and fatigue, among other factors, burnout was associated with 2.2 times the odd of errors being reported.

Bouncing back after a trampoline park injury

One of the fastest growing industries in the country is indoor parks including trampoline parks. A far cry from the germ-infested play rooms parents used to find at fast food restaurants, these sprawling facilities offer a variety of equipment where children can run, play and jump in supposed safety under the watchful eyes of trained staff.

If you are a Washington parent, you may eagerly put your spirited children into the car and drive them to the nearest trampoline park on a rainy day so they can burn off some energy. Maybe you even booked an indoor park for your child's birthday party. While these facilities provide a seemingly healthy outlet for your children, you may have been unprepared for the dangers they also harbor.

Common and uncommon injuries deserve compensation

A Washington resident's ability to function normally and complete their daily tasks depends on their health and well-being. A simple sprain has the ability to throw one's whole day off-a severe injury has the ability to throw the rest of one's life off. Unfortunately, regardless of how careful one is, someone else's negligence can cause a catastrophic injury that impacts not only an individual's life but also that of everyone who depends on and loves them.

When a personal injury affects our ability to make ends meet and compromises our ability to not only take care of ourselves but also our loved ones, getting ongoing medical treatment may be the last thing we think about. However, without treatment, there is little hope for recovery. However, piling medical bills can prevent someone from moving on with their life. Accident victims should consider getting legal help to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and obtain the compensation they need.

How common are dog bites in Washington?

While a dog may be man's best friend and may be considered an essential part of one's family, the reality is that they can also be one's worst enemy. More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs across the country every year and about 20 percent of those bites require medical attention. Children account for more than half of those events and senior citizens are the second most likely group to be attacked.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog bite claims increased by 2.2 percent across the country in 2017, with 18,522 claims being made during the year. The value of claims jumped to more than $686 million. The average cost per claim reached more than $40,000. In Washington, the number of claims also increased between 2016 and 2017. Washington ranks 20th in the country for dog bite claims.

Man critically injured in hit-and-run crash

Being injured or seeing a loved one become injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else is a traumatic and frustrating incident. While it is not possible to understand what compelled the offending driver to drive in such an irresponsible manner, sometimes holding them accountable for their behavior can go a long way in getting closure. However, this is not possible if the driver who caused the accident fled from the scene of the crime.

A driver who caused a crash in Tacoma recently ran away from the scene of the accident. According to police reports, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle outside a restaurant just before midnight and the vehicle that hit him fled from the scene. The pedestrian sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of the collision.

Is cancer misdiagnosis common in children?

According to a new study, traditional methods of diagnosing certain cancers are seriously problematic. Due to this, children are getting the wrong diagnosis and, therefore, incorrect treatment. According to one of the researchers, pediatric tumors can look the same under microscopes, even though they have different biologies and require different treatments.

The flaws were only revealed with the help of new tests that look at the molecular profiles of tumor cells. Brain cancers were generally diagnosed based on where they were located and how they appeared under the microscope, but the study revealed that tumors diagnosed like this could actually be one of many different types of cancers and human experts were missing the diagnosis.

Failing to prevent and diagnose a spinal abscess

Like many in Washington and across the country, you may automatically take precautions to prevent infections, perhaps without realizing you are doing so. Washing a scratch or cut and covering it with a bandage are simple actions that can save you much pain and suffering. You may also take for granted the availability of antibiotics to treat or prevent infections.

Nevertheless, even with all the knowledge and medical advances to avoid infections, people continue to develop fast moving infections and related conditions. One example is an epidural abscess on the spine. If you were the victim of an abscess on the spine, chances are you were left with devastating injuries.

With experienced help, proving fault in a crash is possible

Although driving is one of the most common behaviors people across the country engage in on a daily basis, it is also one of the most dangerous. A car accident has the potential to completely change the trajectory of the lives of the people involved, not just physically but also emotionally and financially. While many are lucky to walk away from a motor vehicle accident with minor injuries, it is highly likely that accident victims become severely injured and may require a hospital visit in the aftermath of an accident.

As hospital bills pile up, so does the frustration. Accident victims and their family members may find themselves questioning how they came into this position, why the other driver was so reckless, and more importantly, how they are going to pay for the treatment they so urgently require.

How do I prove fault in a car accident?

When a Washington resident has been involved in a car accident, the victim most commonly says that the accident was the other driver's fault. However, claiming that someone was at fault and proving that fault in a court of law are two separate matters and it is important to know how to prove liability to get compensation from a reckless driver.

When it comes to fault in motor vehicle accidents, common law recognizes four basic levels. Negligence is often the most common legal issue argued in court. This term means that a driver's careless or inadvertent conduct has caused damage or harm. Failing to yield the right of way is a common form of crashes caused by negligence. Running a red light is also considered negligent behavior.

Personal injury lawsuits include wrongful death claims

No one leaves their house in the morning expecting it to be the last time they will do so. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for a person in Washington to be killed in a car wreck, pass away due to a medical mistake, die in a workplace accident or die while participating in a supervised activity. Sometimes, these deaths are simply unavoidable accidents. Unfortunately, many times these types of deaths are due to the negligence of another individual.

When a person's death is caused by another's negligent acts, the victim's survivors may wish to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. To succeed, the following elements must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence. First, a person must have died. Second, that death must have been caused by someone else's negligence or intent. Third, the victim's survivors must have incurred financial damages due to the death. Finally, in some states, a personal representative must be appointed to the estate.

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