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Car Accident Lawyer

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Think of this this way; there are over 210,000,000 car insurance policies in America. What do you pay a month for your car insurance?  Take that figure times 210 million and that is the cash flowing through his behemoth industry, EVERY MONTH.  When it comes time for them to be a good neighbor and honor their promise, more than likely denial, deception and delay is the response.  A car accident lawyer, who is a trial lawyer, is the only thing that keeps this industry half way honest. We play a pivotal role in personal injury cases, and assure responsibility through accountability. Those who hire a reputable, successful car injury lawyer have a higher chance of moving on with their life, from the personal injury case and recovery money, used to compensate you for what was taken. As tragic as these matters are, it is our goal to find ways to improve your life, right the wrong, and hold those accountable for their actions when they refuse to do what is honorable. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you may be wondering how a car accident attorney can help you. Here are just a few of the ways that this type of legal professional can assist you with your personal injury car accident case.

Obtaining Evidence to Prove Fault and Damages

One of the very first things a car accident lawyer will do to help you with your personal injury case is obtain evidence so that the insurance industry doesn't try to blame you or others for their responsibility.  In order to bring a personal injury case against another party, they must have had some or all of the fault in the accident. A personal injury lawyer must work to prove fault by talking to witnesses, obtaining camera footage or hiring an accident recreationist to show how the accident happened and what fault both parties had in that accident.  In regards to the physical injuries, medical bills and lost wages, a personal injury lawyer makes sure that evidence is also organized and presented to the other side so that you are compensated for those losses as well.

Filing a Claim Before the Statute of Limitations Expires and Representing you in Court 

Another extremely important way that a car injury lawyer can help you with a personal injury case is by ensuring your case is filed before the statute of limitations expires. You only have a limited window of time to file a case after the accident. If you fail to file within this timeline, you give up the right to ever bring a case against the responsible party. Filing prior to the statute expiring is extremely important, and an attorney can advise you of how much time you have to file your case.  Once your case is filed, the technical aspects of litigation is our specialty.  We will make sure your case is aggressively, timely and efficiently resolved.

Helping You to Get the Money You Are Entitled To

Most of our clients come to us because they were further hurt when the insurance company made their offer to settle.  Often, the offer doesn't even cover the medical bills, lost wages and bills racked up because of the reckless, negligence of the at fault driver.  Most people who are in a a car accident just want to get on with their life, but cannot accept such an insult and be out of pocket.  The final way an auto accident injury lawyer can help you when injured in an auto accident is to help you to recover the money you are entitled to. The average person does not know how much their case is worth or how to negotiate with insurance companies and other attorneys. A great attorney can maximize your settlement or award.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a car accident lawyer to help you if you have been injured in an automobile accident that was not your fault. Fortunately for you, a car injury lawyer offers free consultations and takes a percentage of your settlement or verdict, so you do not have to pay any money up front to hire one. When you are looking to hire an auto accident injury lawyer, Fong Law is here to help you. Schedule your free consultation with us today.

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