Eric M. Fong

Trial Lawyer

I help people who need help.

I am a storyteller for justice.  

I shine a flashlight on dishonest behavior at trial and negotiate with the strength of truth.  When you need a lawyer, it means our lives intersect at a difficult crossroad. While I happen to be a lawyer, the essence of my inspiration is one of human connection and our search to do better.


Individual crisis requires decisive action.  The nature of law necessitates knowing when and if you should compromise. What distinguishes my career is a deep compassion, understanding and attention to you, my client.  What separates Fong Law is the combination of human empathy, legal book smarts and the rare ability to artfully express the truth in a court of law.

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Emma Aubrey

Trial Attorney

Few lawyers in Emma’s generation can boast the breadth of experience, recognition and success she has obtained.  Emma has been a public defender, mastered the technical aspects of personal injury and felony cases, among them murder cases.  


Constantly challenging the status quo, Emma’s questioning of the way things are done, results in new ideas replacing old ones.


Emma’s natural curiosity leads to creativity, and solutions in a profession struggling to keep up with the times.

Kenneth S. McEwan

Of Counsel

In a profession requiring logic, attention to detail, and vision, Ken excels.


Ken has a rare ability to think three or four moves down the line, and plot out the decision tree to see all the possibilities.  


Ken’s unique perspective stems from a distinguished 40-year legal career with a prestigious Pacific Northwest insurance defense firm. 


Relying upon his insider knowledge and trial experience, Ken guides clients who suffer due to the careless actions of others, fighting the insurance industry for justice.