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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Three Things a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do To Help You With Your Case

If you have been charged with a crime, you must have a lawyer help you.  Many people who do not have the ability to hire a lawyer go with a public defender.  There is nothing wrong with this.  In fact, one of the things we are most proud of is our service as public defenders.  These men and women truly are the unsung heroes of the legal system and never receive the credit they deserve.  On the other hand, if you have the means to hire a criminal justice lawyer, and you want to choose the lawyer that represents you, there are many benefits to doing so. At Fong Law, we have earned the right to choose who we represent, and we dedicate our time and resources to helping those who deserve it.  Regardless of guilt or innocence, you are entitled to the Constitutional Rights guaranteed by our great country.  Sometimes good people make poor choices.  Sometimes innocent people are ensnared in a ruthless system and need the best.  Either way, we are here for you.  Here are three of the ways that a criminal lawyer can assist you with your criminal case.

Work to Get the Charges Against You Dismissed or Reduced

One of the ways that a criminal defense lawyer can help you is by working to get the charges dismissed or reduced. In order to be charged with and convicted of a crime, certain criteria need to be met. In many cases, prosecutors charge people with more severe crimes, yet they don't have the criteria that meets the burden of proof for those charges. Getting charges dismissed or reduced can help lessen the penalties and fines you may be facing if you are found guilty of those charges.

Help to Negotiate a Plea Deal

Another way that a criminal lawyer can help you with your criminal case is helping you negotiate a plea deal. The fact of the matter is, most people who are charged with a crime usually did something to find themselves in that situation.  If you are guilty, often there is too much evidence against you to take the case to trial. Nevertheless, sometimes the human story of the circumstances that lead up to that fateful moment offer a compelling story for leniency or even dismissal of the charges.  A criminal attorney will work hard to negotiate the best plea deal for you, fighting to minimize the jail time or prison time you are facing and working to get you the lowest fines possible, in exchange for a guilty plea, diversion or other arrangement.

Raise Reasonable Doubt at Your Trial

While the majority of criminal cases wind up reaching a plea deal, there are some cases that do go to a trial before a judge or a jury. A criminal justice lawyer will work to prove your innocence and raise reasonable doubt if your case goes to trial  We will obtain evidence that may show that you could not have been involved in the crime that you were charged with, such as establishing and proving an alibi or casting doubt in the eyes of the jury about the people who are testifying against you.  Sometimes the evidence that is brought up against you is misrepresented, false or even fabricated.  The reality is that Fong Law has seen everything you can imagine int he criminal justice world, and nothing surprises us anymore.  Our track record in court, with the prosecutors and law enforcement cannot be questions.  We work with the highest possible ethics, integrity and grit imaginable.  While we work for a just resolution, we fight tirelessly in court to make sure justices is preserved.

A criminal defense lawyer works hard to obtain the best outcome for your case, whether that be negotiating a plea deal or taking your case to trial. When you are looking for a criminal justice lawyer, Fong Law is here to help you. Reach out to us and a criminal lawyer in our office will reach out to you to discuss the specifics of your case and how we can help. Call us now.

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