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Personal Injury Lawyer

Results Matter
Traumatic Brain Injury $91,000,000
Medical Malpractice $5,600,000

Trip and Fall $2,750,000
Car crash
Sex Abuse $2,500,000
Civil Rights $2,150,000

Loss of Consortium $2,100,000
RICO $1,100,000
Car Crash $950,000
Car Crash $675,000
Nursing Home Abuse $650,000
Car Crash $650,000
Car Crash $625,000
Trip & Fall $600,000
Trip & Fall $550,000

Car Crash $550,000
Negligent Supervision $550,000
Car Crash $500,000

Products liability $500,000
Sex Abuse $500,000
Electric Shock $350,000

If you are filing a personal injury case, it may be tempting to file without an attorney. After all, many people think that filing and proving a case will be straightforward, so there is no reason to give an attorney a percentage of the settlement.  In an honest world, this makes sense, but when it comes to accountability and honor, sometimes the insurance industry is worried about other things.  So many times, instead of doing the honorable thing, the insurance company turns the table and goes after the very person they promised to help, or they refuse to pay on a claim because they are more worried about their bottom line.  This is why it is so important to have a personal injury lawyer or a law firm in Kitsap County there to help you.  Fong Law handles matters in Seattle, Tacoma and all over the country.

Personal injury cases are a lot more complicated than they appear. Just because you slip and fall on someone's property does not mean the property owner is at fault for your injuries. You have to show that they were negligent or knew there was a potential risk there, yet they failed to repair or prevent that risk. You must also have injuries directly related to the event, and prove to the adjuster with appropriate medical records that prove your injuries are related to the event you allege. Finally, you have to be able to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies or attorneys. This is challenging and if you do not have this type of experience, they will surly take advantage of you.  In the event that negotiations fail, you must have a lawyer experienced in trial, skilled enough to prove the deception of the insurance company.  All too often, the person that caused the harm wants to do the right thing and compensate the person they hurt. The at fault driver would love to help with the medical bills and make up for the lost time at work.  Nevertheless, and unfortunately it is the insurance company responsible for negotiating and paying the claim.  All to often we see that they refuse to do so honorably, even when their own insured, the person that caused the crash, wants the claim paid.  When this happens, you must have the right lawyer on your side.  A personal injury lawyer will help you with every aspect of your personal injury case.

If you have a personal injury case, you will want to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer right away. The sooner we get involved, the better, as it gives the attorney time to obtain evidence and collect time sensitive information. When you are looking to hire a law firm in Kitsap County, Fong Law wants to help you. Call us today to learn how to get started.

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