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Trailblazing Genius

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I have advocated for geniuses like George Clinton, world champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, and leaders from a variety of professions. In the legal profession I have worked with brilliant minds like Rick Friedman, Joey Low, Reed Morgan, and Nick Rowley.

Some geniuses transcend professions, as does my mentor, Gerry Spence; the greatest lawyer ever, best-selling author, and critically acclaimed artist. Other geniuses are anti-social or dysfunctional in everything but their applied brilliance, like Van Gogh. Either way, the geniuses that use their power for good always leave the world a better place.

Every once in a while you will be lucky enough to be in the presence of true geniuses.

You know it when you see it. It’s a feeling of profound understanding of the world. It could be music, it could be politics, it could be poetry. Geniuses define the spectrum within which everyone else is measured, and the genius won’t know it.

Of all the brilliance that has touched my life, one man stands above all others. I’ve come to love, revere, and honor the life and work of Paul Luvera. Paul is a legal trailblazer of the highest order. He is responsible for creating the most favorable laws in the country that protect the rights of individuals from special interests, powerful corporations, and governmental intrusions. In the court of law, Paul’s work assures that the elite are held to the same standards as the downtrodden.

How does a quiet force for good, change so dramatically the lives of millions of people, all while unbeknownst to them?

Over the course of decades, I’ve had a front row seat into the mind, spirit, and brilliance of Paul Luvera. Paul is like a father to me; he shared with me his deepest thoughts on life, law, and spirituality. Most importantly of all, he was a beacon of hope when I had none.

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