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Truck Accident Lawyer

What to Expect at an Initial Consultation With a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident personal injury cases are quite different than car accident injury cases. For starters, the sheer size of these behemoths in relation to the average car or truck that they run over, often means the victims of these crashes are in critical conditions.  Truck companies are regulated by federal and state laws that mandate strict maintenance records, driver personal training logs and permit routes so that the safest driving routes are used.  What you find when your dig beneath the surface is that trucking companies are all too often willing to cut corners, literally, here and there to improve delivery times at the cost of safety.  The consequences are deadly.  As such, if you have been injured by a big rig, you will want to hire a truck accident lawyer. Fong Law has extensive experience in trucking cases, and in fact is asked to speak nationally on the subject.  Let our experience work for you.  


If you are hiring a trucking lawyer in Bremerton WA, Seattle, or anywhere  the lawyer will ask you to sit down with them for a consultation. Here is what you can expect to happen at that consultation.

An initial consultation with a lawyer in Bremerton is basically like an interview between both you and the lawyer. You both learn about each other and find out if you want to work with each other. The truck accident lawyer will ask you questions about the accident, about your injuries and try to determine whether you have a viable case. You will then have the opportunity to ask the lawyer about their education, their experience and specific questions about your case. By the end of the consultation, you and the lawyer will know more about each other and will be able to make an educated decision as to whether you both want to work with each other for your personal injury case.

If you have been injured after being in an accident with a truck or big rig, you will want to hire a truck accident lawyer to help you with your case. When you need a lawyer in Bremerton WA, look no further than Fong Law. We have the experience and knowledge to help you successfully win your personal injury case. Contact us today and let's schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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